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It Figures season 2: The Economics of Marriage ...

10:56~で紹介されているマッチング会社(LUNCH Actually)の調査*1によると、女の所得・学歴重視は変わっていません。本能的に体格にもこだわるようです。

She added that women are more hard-wired to buy into the stereotype that taller and well- built men make better partners.

Findings from the survey also indicate that females here still place importance on the income and education levels of prospective suitors.

Almost half said that they would not date a man who earns less, or who has lower educational qualifications, than them.

However, men were more practical: Almost 80 per cent of the male Singapore respondents indicated that they had no objection to dating someone who is smarter or earned more.


Holly Jean's Interview with Violet Lim, CEO of Lunch Actually - YouTube

“The Economics of Marriage”の10:05~で紹介されている政府機関NPTDのアンケート調査によると、独身者の83%は結婚意思があるものの、

  1. 適当な相手と巡り合っていない
  2. キャリア形成・学業に集中したい
  3. カネが足りない


結局、シンガポールも日本と同じで、若者のカネ(経済力)不足と女の上方婚*2志向が非婚化(→低出生率)の原因ということです(No money, no honey.)。人間は自分にとって都合の悪い変化に抵抗する傾向があるため、女の上方婚志向が消えるには時間を要すると予想されます。従って、少子化対策としては若者の雇用対策が現実的でしょう。

伝統的観念の根強さは、初デートの支払いにも示されています( 関連記事:9/10【デートの支払いには及ばない男女均等化】)

A unanimous 87 per cent of Singapore men surveyed -- the highest percentage in all three Asian countries surveyed -- believed that they should pay for the first date.  At 75 per cent, most of the Singapore women also thought that men should foot the bill for their first date.


8. More can be done to improve awareness and address misconceptions regarding fertility issues. About 70% of single and 77% of married respondents assumed that couples would have little problem having children even when they were over 35 years old. This indicates that many are unaware that male and female fertility decline with age, and assisted reproduction technology cannot compensate for the age-related decline in fertility.


*1:シンガポール、マレーシア、香港では、相手を選ぶ際に最も重視するのは、男が“pretty face”、女が“confidence”ということです。男のルックス重視は万国共通のようです。