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夏眠中|I shall return.



フェミニズムニューウェーブ"neoliberal feminism"(以下、NLF)の勢力拡大に、フェミニズムが乗っ取られた(hi-jack)と危機感を募らせる旧来(主に左派)のフェミニズム研究者もいます。

… that the hard work and organizing and intellectual contributions of the second wave of the women’s movement have been co-opted and used by corporations, national governments, and international financial institutions like the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund essentially to hi-jack feminism in the interests of globalized capitalist forces.

What do I mean by “hegemonic feminism?” I borrowed Gramsci’s term “hegemony” to refer to the dominant set of ideas established by ruling elites and accepted without question as the “common sense” of a society, and R.W. Connell’s expression “hegemonic masculinity,” to refer to that form of bourgeois feminism that argues for women’s full incorporation into the economic life of capitalism, as workers, or managers, or investors.

NLFの特徴は、権力や金力を持つ"ruling elites"、あるいは"top 1%"に属する女が主導していることです。そのキャッチコピーが"have it all"(すべてを手に入れる)と"greed is good"を隠さないことからも、経済格差における"1% vs 99%"と同様に、99%の犠牲のもとにtop 1%の女を利するものではないか、という疑念が持たれています。*2

Anne-Marie Slaughter: Can we all "have it all"? - YouTube

Lean In and One Percent Feminism | Portside 

To the extent that having it all means having a brilliant, fulfilling, highly compensated career plus a load-bearing partner and a happy home life, that conversation is dead on arrival for the 99%. Most expect to be driven hard, paid little, burdened by debt and, eventually, cast aside.*3

「Top 1%の女がすべてを手に入れられる世の中になれば、残り99%の女にも恩恵が及ぶ」というロジックは、トリクルダウン理論そのものです。トリクルダウン理論への疑念が、NLFへの疑念につながります。

The Atlantic Article, Trickle Down Feminism, and my Twitter Mentions. God Help Us All | tressiemc 

Slaughter’s argument appears to be that when powerful women are in power, en masse, their relationships with their family demands will necessitate that certain accommodations be made. Those accommodations will, in turn, become organizational policies that will spur policy positions that will positively affect all women i.e., powerful feminism will trickle down to the rest of us.  

But to revisit my earlier relationship with power, my experiences suggest that powerful people, be they men or women, will act in the interest of power, not in the interest of gender (or, race for that matter). It is also important to note that social and political history tends to be congruent with my experiences.

アメリカではFacebookのCOOのSheryl SandbergがNLFの旗振り役ですが、スウェーデンと並ぶ男女平等先進国のノルウェーでは、政府機関Innovation NorwayのCEO・Traasethがその役割を果たしています。下の記事には、NLFの本質がよく表れています。

If Norwegian Women Can’t Have It All, Can Anyone? - The Atlantic 

If only you never fail, and at the same time create a perfect home and family life, right?

…, there are almost as many women as men in employment in Norway. But we still have a relatively segregated job market, gender-wise: 70 percent of the start-ups in Norway are run by men, for example. The fact that 48 percent of women and only 19 percent of men work in the public sector might also indicate that women are more prone to choose job security over the private sector, which is vulnerable to downscaling, cost-cuts and competition. It is also a challenge that 34 percent of the female workforce have part-time jobs.


  • 公的セクター(主に地方自治体)で
  • 教育、保育、医療・介護などの対人サービスで
  • 男よりも高いパートタイム比率で




午後4時に退社? フィンランド人が徹底的に効率よく働く理由とは



While most male entrepreneurs are encouraged to aim for growth and take risks, most female entrepreneurs are happy to make a living. Women, in other words, are shying away from failure, and drifting towards fields where they can achieve that ever-elusive perfection. That’s hurting all of us. We lose great potential if the reason they don’t do it is because they don’t dare to fail.


もう一つの狙い(?)が、格差を拡大させることです。当然のことながら、リスクを取る人が増えると、成功者が増える半面、失敗者も増え、経済格差が拡大します。これは低賃金で雇える労働力の増加を意味しており、"top 1%"が望むところです。


…, I argue that the agenda of the women’s movement in all of its varieties has been cleverly and diabolically shaped by the dominant cultural and economic engines of capitalism, narrowed down into the most widely recognized and accepted meaning of feminism, namely, paid work for women, along with access to the levers of capitalist power for an elite few.


How feminism became capitalism's handmaiden - and how to reclaim it | Nancy Fraser | Comment is free | The Guardian

Never mind that the reality that underlies the new ideal is depressed wage levels, decreased job security, declining living standards, a steep rise in the number of hours worked for wages per household, exacerbation of the double shift – now often a triple or quadruple shift – and a rise in poverty, increasingly concentrated in female-headed households. Neoliberalism turns a sow's ear into a silk purse by elaborating a narrative of female empowerment.





ナチスは現代では"politically incorrect"な政策によって、ドイツの経済社会と国民生活の安定を実現しました。

大恐慌(Great Depression)に似た大不況(Great Recession)が起こったり、スウェーデンでメイドが復活したように、大戦前の歴史が繰り返しているようです。大戦は繰り返さないでしょうが、代わりに何が起こるのでしょうか。

Feminism Seduced: How Global Elites Use Women's Labor and Ideas to Exploit the World

Feminism Seduced: How Global Elites Use Women's Labor and Ideas to Exploit the World

ガイアの夜明け「有能パート主婦を活用」に搾取だとの意見続出。感想まとめ - Togetterまとめ



キャリアを追求すれば家庭生活は犠牲にならざるを得ないと、"have it all"に疑念を呈するパワーエリートの女もいます(正直です)。

Why PepsiCo CEO Indra K. Nooyi Can't Have It All - The Atlantic

I don't think women can have it all. I just don't think so. We pretend we have it all. We pretend we can have it all

破綻したリーマン・ブラザーズのCFOだったCallanは、"lean in"しても"have it all"できないと、若い女に警告しています。

I now believe that I could have made it to a similar place with at least some better version of a personal life. Not without sacrifice — I don’t think I could have “had it all” — but with somewhat more harmony.

Former Lehman CFO Erin Callan: 'Don't do it like me' - Rock Center with Brian Williams

"You can achieve. You can accomplish. You can have an amazing career with great success even in a male-dominated field like I did, but be careful what you wish for and the choices that you make."

"Don't do it like me. I don't think the way I was doing it was the healthiest, happiest way to do it."




バックラッシュ!  なぜジェンダーフリーは叩かれたのか?

バックラッシュ! なぜジェンダーフリーは叩かれたのか?




「女子力を磨くより、稼ぐ力を身に付けなさい!」上野千鶴子さんが描く、働く女の未来予想図 - Woman type [ウーマンタイプ]



上場企業の取締役の40%以上を女にするクォータ制が導入されたノルウェーでは、複数の企業の取締役を兼任する少数の女(golden skirts)が出現しています。政府のaffirmative actionによって生じた超過利潤を少数の女が独占していることになります。なお、クォータ制は経験の乏しい取締役(女)の割合を高めたために、企業業績にマイナスに働いたと報告されています。

Taking Stock of Pioneering Law: Have Gender Quotas Really Helped Norwegian Women? - SPIEGEL ONLINE

Saetersmoen is a poster child of successful gender policy. She has already been a member of 12 boards, including that of the state-owned energy company Statoil. She is currently the chairwoman of the board of directors of the risk management company Scandpower, and she has been the managing director of the Norwegian branch of the Falck Nutec conglomerate for the last year and a half.

Proponents of Norway's gender equality act, the only law of its kind worldwide, tout Saetersmoen as a role model for a new generation of self-confident women in senior management. But critics claim that her many positions of responsibility are evidence of the excesses of state-sponsored feminism. They refer to women who are members of the boards of multiple companies as "gullskjørtene," or "golden skirts."



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