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Dutch men are tall, and Dutch women apparently like it that way. Scientists have found that natural selection—women choosing taller men to mate with—is a factor in the height of Dutch men, which has rocketed up by 20 cm (7.9 inches) over the past 200 years, while the heights of people in other similarly developed nations has—literally­—only inched up.

In this three-decade snapshot, the people who had the most children were tall men, and women of average height, the team found.

“Because taller individuals would have more offspring in the next generation who would be taller, the average height in that generation would a bit taller on average than the preceding generation, if all else is equal.”



現実的な左翼に進化する 進化論の現在 (シリーズ「進化論の現在」)

現実的な左翼に進化する 進化論の現在 (シリーズ「進化論の現在」)


Reaching new heights: How have Europeans grown so tall? | VOX, CEPR’s Policy Portal